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Somos una compañía multinacional con foco en el continente americano

We are a multinational
company focused
the American

Vida Produce Company has a globally integrated business model.
We are focused on the marketing, distribution,
and production of fruits and vegetables.

We are a large and experienced team operating
in the leading world markets delivering differentiated products and
quality oriented services. We are known for our strategic vision, financial
strength, integrity, business perspective, and innovation.

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We market, distribute, and produce fruits and vegetables, bringing together direct exports to leading world markets with targeted distribution in the Americas. We focus on retail, wholesale, and institutional customers and work to offer a specific value proposition for each customer based on their needs. We complement our suppliers’ offer with our own high value-added products.

Growth history

We are a family owned company established in the 1950´s by Mr. Everardo Vidaurri Lozano and Ms. Ileana Damm de Vidaurri. Both of them were people oriented, sincere, and gifted with great organizational and work skills.

In business and fruit industry circles they were well known for their integrity, dignity, and commercial energy, that allowed them to become undisputed leaders in the fruit industry and a leading example for exporters and importers.

Mr. Vidaurri created and developed the foundations for the successful marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Beginning in the 1990’s, his successors continued the legacy contributing renewed energy and a significant professionalization of all group areas. They introduced a strategic vision, a far-reaching business horizon, and the financial strength, that currently allows us to offer a unique value proposal to our customers, growers, and suppliers.

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We have an extensive
line of products
services built to
meet the
needs of each customer.

Vida Produce Company, has a global distribution network
being effectively and efficiently supplied from multiple origins.

Our business model builds the supply chain using a combination of
select growers, suppliers
, and our own fields, with our sales and
distribution channels. Our procurement and export offices
work, with our large worldwide customer
network utilizing the complement of our product
and business development teams.


Our unique business model allows us to provide a
differentiated and quality oriented service. We have the capability
to build a specific offer for many different types of customers.


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  • Honesty revolves around everything we do. You can trust us when we speak of a world full of freshness and flavor, because we are experts in the best product origins, and, as such we offer you high quality produce.

    We believe in having close personal relationships with the people around us, no matter if they come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, since this creates a true sense of belonging in the community. As a brand, we have a genuine concern over the environment, and doing the right thing for our planet.

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    Vida Produce Company seeks to be a leading company in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

    We believe in taking this approach, primarily because it is necessary for the planet and people, but also because we believe that it will allow a long term competitive business advantage. For this purpose, we have implemented a program allowing us to use innovative methods with our business that will enhance the benefits for our customers, growers, suppliers, and ourselves.

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    VPC - Vida Produce Company

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